Raw Superfood Chocolate Bar
Serves: 3-4 bars
for the chocolate
  • 1 cup (100 g) shaved raw cacao butter
  • ½ cup (45 g) raw cacao powder
  • ¼ cup (40 g) mesquite powder
  • 2 tablespoons maca powder
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • ½ cup hemp hearts
  • ¼ cup cacao nibs
  • ¼ cup quinoa puffs
  • 2 tablespoons spirulina powder
  • pinch Himalayan or Maldon salt
options for the topping
  • goji berries
  • raisins
  • cacao nibs
  • quinoa puffs
  • hemp hearts
  1. Gently melt cacao butter over a double boiler in a medium bowl over low heat. Remove from heat, add cacao, mesquite and maca powders through a fine mesh sieve to prevent clumping. Add maple syrup and stir to combine. Add hemp hearts, cacao nibs, quinoa puffs, spirulina powder and salt, stir to incorporate evenly. Spoon into bar molds and sprinkle with toppings. Place in the freezer to harden. Remove from molds and store in the freezer or refrigerator in a covered container.
Recipe by Golubka Kitchen at https://golubkakitchen.com/strawberry-oat-smoothie-bowl-and-superfood-raw-chocolate-bar/