Mint and Chocolate Milkshake with Aquafaba Whipped Cream
Serves: 2
for the milkshake
  • ½ cup cashews - soaked for 2-4 hours
  • 1 large or 2 small frozen bananas
  • 1½ cups almond milk/other plant milk
  • large handful fresh mint leaves, plus more for garnish
  • large handful cacao nibs
  • few scoops favorite mint chocolate or vanilla ice cream (optional)
  • aquafaba whipped cream - recipe below
  • shaved dark chocolate - for garnish (optional)
for the aquafaba whipped cream
  • ¼ cup aquafaba (liquid from cooking beans, preferably chickpeas/white beans, or from canned beans)
  • ½ teaspoon lemon juice
  • 3 tablespoons powdered raw sugar (raw sugar powdered in a coffee grinder)
to make the milkshake
  1. Drain and rinse cashews and combine them with banana, almond milk, mint and cacao nibs in an upright blender. Blend until smooth. Add ice-cream, if using, and pulse to combine. Garnish with whipped aquafaba cream, shaved chocolate and mint leaves.
to make the aquafaba whipped cream
  1. Beat aquafaba with an electric hand mixer for 1 minute. Without stopping, add lemon juice and powdered sugar, ½ tablespoon at a time. Continue to beat for about 5-6 minutes or until stiff peaks form. Use immediately. The cream will deflate after some time, but can be re-whipped to become fluffy again.
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